We provide a comprehensive range of vet services in Uddingston, from check-ups and consultations to microchipping and operations. We’re also here for you if you ever need simple advice about your pet’s care – so just ask to speak to one of our vet nurses.

Once a year, your pet should have a complete clinical examination and usually a booster vaccination. This physical examination is a vital health check and is included in the booster vaccination charge.

If you want to spread the cost of routine healthcare, read about our Healthy Pet Plan, which could give you huge savings.



Vet clinics


Consultations with our highly experienced vets are by appointment only. Please contact the surgery on 01698 817 999 to book a convenient time.

Please note:

  • Emergencies will be prioritised throughout the day
  • Receptionists will always do their very best to book you an appointment with the vet of your choice, so please do not hesitate to ask
  • Pets requiring blood tests will be booked for a double appointment of 20 minutes, at no extra charge

When you and your pet arrive at the surgery, please inform our reception staff, who will note your arrival in our system. After your consultation, please return to reception to collect any prescriptions, make another appointment if needed and settle your account.

Home visits may be arranged in special circumstances. However, advance notice is usually needed – so please ask reception as soon as possible if you think you may require one. Surgery appointments are always best, as we have a full range of medicines and equipment for treating your pet.

In an emergency, it is usually best for you to bring your pet directly to the surgery. But if you have problems, please call us on 01698 817 999. 

We also offer vet nurse consultations and clinics, including specialist checks for senior pets, dental issues, weight and pets of six months old. Some of these can be free of charge, so please contact us for more information or to make an appointment.



Operations and investigations...

As well as offering routine operations and advising on specialist procedures, we have excellent facilities for diagnosing pet health problems.

This includes an extensive in-house laboratory, where we can analyse your pet's blood or use a microscope to examine samples from lumps, ear swabs, urine and skin.

We also use:

  • A digital x-ray system, which speeds up the process of imaging your pet – so is especially valuable in an emergency, as it produces images of superb quality.
  • A modern dental machine for scaling, polishing and extracting teeth, while dental x-rays can also be obtained to give us a deeper knowledge of your pet’s tooth roots and jaw structure.
  • Cutting-edge ultrasound equipment to provide clear images of the organs in your pet’s abdomen and heart, making it one of the most invaluable pieces of equipment in the surgery. We can diagnose many conditions with ultrasound, such as bladder stones and masses, heart failure and pregnancy.
  • An ECG machine to check your pet’s heart.
  • Endoscopy to examine the respiratory and gastrointestinal system in a non-invasive way. This means we can check for foreign bodies in the stomach and intestines, take biopsies and check the airways for infection and parasites.
  • An extensive range of monitoring equipment for anaesthetics, including a blood pressure monitor and capnograph.

Check out our practice tour if you’d like a sneak peek at our facilities.



Healthy Pet Plan

To keep your pet healthy and provide the very best in preventative health care all year round, you can join our membership plan. Our plan includes all of your pets basic veterinary needs as well as exclusive additional offers and discounts. Our healthy pet plan offers exceptional value for money and costs are spread through the year by paying a direct debit each month.

Our customers find that they save an average of £300 per year – so if you’d like to join, visit our Bellshill Road practice to pick up a registration form or call us on 01698 817 999. Check out our healthy pet plan leaflet for more information. 

The plan includes:

  • Convenient monthly payments by direct debit.
  • An annual health check and essential vaccinations.
  • An additional free consultation each year, can be used at any time throughout the year, for any purpose. So, if you’re concerned about your pet, book to see us instead of worrying at home.
  • 12 months of protection against fleas, worms and ticks – with medication posted to you quarterly, for your convenience. Nasty tick-borne infections such as Lymes disease are increasing, so it’s advisable to reduce the risk by using regular protection.
  • A 20% discount on kennel cough and rabies vaccinations.
  • A 10% discount on dental procedures, food, in-house blood testing, toys, leads, collars and long term medications for conditions such as osteoarthritis, diabetes, epilepsy, cognitive dysfunction and cardiac disease.
  • Optional lungworm cover, for just £5 per 25kg of bodyweight per month – which can save you up to £50 per year. Lungworm is now endemic throughout much of the UK, including a few confirmed cases in and around Uddingston. Preventative treatment is advised if your dog is at risk of contracting lungworm. The risk is high if they ingest slugs and snails, or lick the slime from these common garden creatures, as they carry the lungworm larvae. Our Healthy Pet Plan includes two extra doses of Milprazon wormer on a quarterly basis. If this product is given as a monthly dose, instead of the routine quarterly dose, it will protect against lungworm instead of simply treating it.

Our rabbit plan also includes:

  • Myxomatosis and VHD-1 vaccination
  • Two treatments with panacur for E.cuniculi and intestinal parasites
  • 1 bottle of rearguard for summer against fly strike


Rabbit  £7 up to £193.73
Indoor cat  £9 up to £229.90
Outdoor cat  £10 up to £239.66
Dog <10kg  £10 up to £258.16
Dog 10-20kg  £11 up to £282.16
Dog 20-40kg  £14 up to £316.28
Dog 40-45kg  £19 up to £437.56
Dog >45kg  £22 up to £474.52


Please visit us to complete a simple registration form, which will require your bank details. Our practice staff will be happy to answer any queries you may have (please call 01698 817 999).



Kittens and puppies



To give your new pet the best start in life, try our special packages for puppies and kittens.

These include:

  • A full standard primary vaccination course
  • Monthly premium spot-on flea and worm product which now includes lungworm cover as standard. (four doses are included, providing protection until your pet reaches 6 months of age)
  • Puppy session for advice and social interaction
  • £20 off the cost of spaying or castration (valid until your pet is 1 year old)
  • Four weeks’ free pet Insurance (immediate cover with leading provider Petplan)
  • Microchipping (if required)

All conveniently bundled up for an affordable cost:

  • £95 per kitten or puppy, saving £50-£70
  • £85 if your kitten or puppy is already microchipped
  • £75 if your kitten or puppy has already had their first vaccination
  • £65 if your kitten or puppy is already microchipped and has already had their first vaccination



Repeat prescriptions

Our registered customers can use the form below to order repeat prescriptions, for pets who need regular medication and/or diet foods.

However, pets under our care must be examined by a vet every 3-6 months in order to use this service. If this is not the case, we may not be able to fulfil your prescription. We will contact you if there is a problem with your prescription.


  • You must allow 48 HOURS for your prescription or food order to be processed (or 72 hours for Epiphen or Phenobarbitone).
  • Orders made after 12pm on Friday will be ready after 4pm on Monday.
  • Orders made after 11.30pm on Saturday will not be available until 4pm on Tuesday.

If you’re ready to order, please complete this form and click ‘SUBMIT’:

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